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Skelton Shows Good Chemistry With Fitzgerald Before Ending His Day With Unnecessary Interception

It seemed quarterback John Skelton (3 for 7, 35 yards) was in full control of the Cardinals offense in the early going Friday, force feeding the ball to Larry Fitzgerald and moving the offense down the field despite the lack of a run game.

Unfortunately though, Skelton's tunnel vision on the veteran wide receiver would ultimately be his demise as he ended his day by making a terrible decision, tossing up a jump ball to a blanketed Fitzy that would be intercepted by safety Abram Elam.

It's quite a shame that that play will be the last ones fans remember from today, as Skelton showed an excellent pocket presence on his two throws on the first drive before the Chiefs blew up the run on the third and short.

On his second drive, Skelton would get no help in the run game with some bad reads at the line from running back Alfonso Smith. Stuck in a third long, the Chiefs collapsed the Cardinals offensive line before Skelton could determine if a single receiver was even relatively open.

On the third drive though, Skelton actually began to set up the run game by keeping the defense second guessing with some precise throws. Fitzgerald made an incredible diving grab on a pass on a slant that was negated thanks to a defensive pass inference penalty. Still, the throw might have been Skelton's best of the game as he showed incredible timing and placement.

Building off that, Skelton continued his momentum by drilling a 17-yard bullet to a wide open Fitzgerald two plays later off a play action. Unfortnately, the drive was stalled by a questionable holding call on Anthony Sherman which setup another third and long situation. That's when Skelton would make his frustrating interception on a play that was dead on arrival.