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Cardinals Vs. Chiefs, Preseason Week 1: Predicting What happens In Positional Battles

Taking a shot at predicting the result of the positional battles

Well, with another evening of fake football games on the dockett, of course we are obliged to sit and watch as the starters for the Arizona Cardinals will play a couple of series and then we will spend the largest portion of the evening paying attention to guys that won't be on any NFL roster during the season.

Of course, the QB battle between Kevin Kolb and John Skelton is at the forefront. But that is not the only positional battle. It just happens to be the one that is most important.

And what is going to happen during the game? There are position battles at receiver (the number two spot) linebacker and cornerback (number two spot) in addition to right tackle.

Here are a few predictions:

QB, Kolb vs. Skelton:

Let's just say that karma is...well, you know what I'm saying. John Skelton will play an uneven two series and either get banged up or turn the ball over. But no matter, he will acknowledge the waving hansdhake that Kolb gives him as he comes onto the field.

Kolb will play well against the backups, but there will be at least one play he looks like he gets hurt. Secretly, I think Kolb might confuse the turf as a pillow.

QB, Part 2: Bartel vs. Lindley

Rich Bartel is the smarter quarterback by far, but Ryan Lindley has the dashing good looks and the arm. Plus, he will be playing against undrafted players with undrafted players, so expect a great showing by the rookie. Bartel will look good until he tries to throw the ball down the field. Then you will see why he has never been anything more than a marginal backup in the NFL.

RT, Bridges vs. Massie

At right tackle, Jeremy Bridges will be fine. Bobby Massie will have a mix of very good to very bad plays. Since Massie will be in against backup defensive players, his physical tools will show. He will get beat once or twice badly, though.

ILB, Lenon vs. Bradley

No, this will probably not include a dance-off. Bradley wins that, albeit off of pure dorkiness. Paris Lenon is a blue-collar player, so he will be in the right spots. Stewart Bradley, though, is physically more gifted and finally gets the defense. So, as it happened on Sunday, Bradley will make some very good plays and look like he is ready to take over. Lenon will be solid.

CB, Gay vs. Jefferson vs. Toler

In the fight to start opposite Patrick Peterson, William Gay will look schematically better, but it will be A.J. Jefferson that shines. He will pick off a pass and knock away a couple of others. Toler unfortunately will look like he still has knee issues and will be a little slow.

Make sure you tune in to the game tonight at 5PM on ABC-15.

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