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Cardinals Vs. Chiefs: Previewing The Quarterback Battles

For the Arizona Cardinals, there are currently numerous roster battles occurring both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. But none of them are more publicized or more important to the success of the team than the quarterback position.

Kevin Kolb and John Skelton are the two leading candidates to win the starting job once the Cardinals play the Seattle Seahawks in week one. Then, there is the battle for the third spot between journeyman Rich Bartel and rookie Ryan Lindley. So far, it's completely undecided who will win each one, but two guys have jumped out to an early lead.

After going 1 for 4 for just 4 yards and an interception, Kevin Kolb did not get off to a great start. He did not show much consistency on the field, his defensive reads were poor and he could not get into any flow that could propel his team into the end zone.

Skelton, on the other hand, put together a nice little drive that was capped off by an Alfonso Smith touchdown. He ended up going 4 for 6 for 32 yards. His biggest issue has always been showing consistency with his accuracy and not getting himself into trouble. He works well within the pocket and can deliver the ball to any point on the field.

Kolb should make a strong push tonight to reclaim the throne he once sat on, but Skelton isn't going to hand the reins back over that easily. He has the lead and if Kolb wants it back, he will have to be spectacular.

On the flip side, Lindley and Bartel are locked in for a long one. After preseason game one, the advantage goes to Lindley, but he did get a ton of snaps against the Saints.

Bartel has always looked like a competent third string QB, but something seemed off about him last week. He went 3/7 for 61 yards, but his passes were wobbly and his vision was not that great.

Lindley look great at times, but at others, he looked like a sixth round draft pick rookie. He has the big arm, but much like Skelton, he can be inaccurate at times. Lindley has the lead, but the wily vet isn't going away without being knocked out first. I like Bartel to come out tonight and reveal some of the tricks he's got up his sleeves.

In all, it really doesn't matter who wins either of the QB competitions. The Cardinals just need someone to. Otherwise, it could be another long season with a lot of unhappy fans in the desert.

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