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2012 MLB All-Star Game: Wade Miley Set For First Appearance, Has 'No Expectations'

Arizona Diamondbacks left-handed starter Wade Miley is about to head to Kansas City for the All-Star game. He will be the lone representative of the Arizona Diamondbacks, which will be something, especially since he came out of spring training as a long reliever. To the surprise of many, he has been far and away the best starter on the team's staff since jumping in.

But the All-Star experience is likely to be different for the rookie. "I think that he envisioned going to Louisiana," said manager Kirk Gibson on Friday about Miley and the time over the break, being that Miley is from Louisiana. "So it's going to be different for him."

"Probably not a natural environment for him as well. He'd be more comfortable in a tree like me with his camo on. But it will be a great experience for him. In the end, he'll do fine at it. He'll make a lot of friends and learn a lot. And just the whole experience to be a part of will certainly be memorable."

Miley's take on the whole thing is to just live the experience.

"I guess just go to Kansas City and hang out and see what happens," was his answer to what his plans were for his time out there.

I asked him if he had gotten any advice from guys like Justin Upton or Miguel Montero, who have been in the game before. "Just enjoy it because you never know if it's going to happen again," Miley said he was told. "You know, cherish the moment."

Josh Collmenter, sitting in his locker next to Miley also suggested Miley should also "take as much free stuff" as he can.

"Just go with the flow and see what happens," is Miley's plan. "No expectations, no nothing. Just going to go enjoy it."

He should enjoy it and live it up, but based on what he has done this year, I think it won't be the last time he makes it in his career.

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