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Kevin Kolb's Injury In Practice Raises Red Flags

Kevin Kolb must be the most unlucky quarterback in the league when it comes to injuries -- right after Matt Leinart. He took a knee to the thigh in practice on Monday and had to leave to have it looked at. Now, it does not appear to be serious, but it furthers the idea that he is injury prone.

Last season he had the foot injury and then the concussion,. It was always something.

This offseason, he has come into camp and is working hard. But now he is hurt.

Kolb already is at a disadvantage because the fans like John Skelton. Skelton is bigger, a late round pick and a guy that was the starting quarterback when the team was winning.

But to perhaps lose time again, and Kolb officially is on the watch list. Fans may get it and might accept that, but he will carry a label of being fragile or prone to get hurt.

Is that a big deal? It is when it is a guy the team has been paid millions of dollars. That would be Kolb.

Now I am the first to admit that I am rooting for Kolb. He was the guy that the front office targeted. He needs to stay on the field.

So, yes. This injury worries me some.

I am not in panic mode, but the flags are ready to be raised.

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