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Olympics Opening Ceremony 2012: Elaborate Set Pieces Dazzle Spectators

The 2012 Olympics opening ceremony in London was destined to be a spectacle and that's exactly what the live and television audiences got. The production was conceived and directed by Academy Award-winning British director Danny Boyle and got just as strange as some of his films have over the years.

The Olympic Stadium initially depicted a lush English countryside, presided over by farmers and workers. The Victorian era then set in, yielding to the industrial revolution and constructing a massive factory set from the ground up, featuring towering smokestacks.

After that was the introduction of Queen Elizabeth, who supposedly made her way to the stadium via a helicopter parachute jump with Craig James-as-James Bond in an exceedingly silly moment.

It was then time for a celebration of children, which culminated in the rumored confrontation between Lord Voldemort and Mary Poppins.

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