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USA Women's Wrestling: ASU Alum Kelsey Campbell Legitimate Contender

ASU alum Kelsey Campbell looks to take the wrestling world by storm at the 2012 London Olympics.

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Kelsey Campbell has had the collegiate career that any student-athlete would drool over. She won two national titles at her weight en route to becoming the top nationally ranked womens wrestler at the 55 kg weight category.

Campbell, from Milwaukie, Oregon, was the first and only Sun Devils female wrestler. But it was an early upset in the 2011 World Championships in Turkey that really propelled Campbell to where she is today. Campbell entered that tournament as one of the favorites and was upended in the first round. At that point, she told herself either she would retire or become the best.

And in the spirit of all good sports success stories, Campbell took the latter route.

In all culminated last Saturday when Campbell beat top-seeded Helen Maroulis to earn a berth to the London Olympics, someone she had lost to in her previous two meetings.

"She was rock solid, really," said U.S. women's freestyle coach Terry Steiner. "Her positioning, she was opportunistic. Very solid, hard to score on. And I think that's a pattern of her whole life. She's a rock-solid individual, on and off the mat. You do that long enough and make enough of the right decisions and good things are going to happen."

Campbell will hit the mat on August 9.

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