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John McDonald's Eventual Return Will Mean Tough Roster Move On Infield

Arizona Diamondbacks shortstop John McDonald has been out of the lineup since June 25 and on the disabled list since July 2 because of a strained oblique. Reportedly, McDonald could return to the active roster for the homes series against the Houston Astros.

If that happens, it will mean that there will be movement on the roster and someone will have to go. Unfortunately, it will likely mean the tough sort of decision -- releasing somebody.

Arizona already carries 12 pitchers. They won't go with 11, especially since the starters have not been going as deep into games recently.

Between shortstop and third base, there is a bit of a lockjam. Stephen Drew, Willie Bloomquist, Ryan Roberts, Geoff Blum and McDonald all occupy that area. One will have to go.

The most likely farewell? That would be Blum, who has spent most of his tenure in Arizona injured. That will be a tough move for manager Kirk Gibson, as he values guys like Blum on the team. However, unless a trade is made that involves Drew or Roberts (as has been rumored), it really is the only way.

Nobody else has minor league options. Drew is a staple (for now). Bloomquist has been very good this season, Roberts is a Gibby guy for his versatility and McDonald is fantastic with the glove.

Sometimes, because of how baseball goes, things work out and a timely trade happens or someone gets hurt. If McDonald is brought back very soon, that probably won't happen.

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