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UFC 148: No Love Lost Between Anderson Silva And Chael Sonnen

There is no love lost between UFC fighters Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva.

Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

In the almost two years since their first title fight on August 7, 2010, Chael Sonnen has done nothing but insult UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, his people, and the entire country of Brazil. It goes beyond the typical "hype" for a UFC fight, and has become very personal.

Sonnen has said "I don't like this guy," and "I want to beat him up," but it goes much further than that. Sonnen says that while he grew up talking about technology, medicine, and American ingenuity, Silva was outside in Brazil playing in the mud. He has also said that when you bow in Brazil, the Brazilian people will hit you over the head and take your wallet.

In a press conference, Sonnen said he packed a suitcase of gifts from America that the Brazilian people don't have, which included soap. Sonnen even discredited Silva's undefeated UFC record by saying, "He's not only not the best today, he was never the best." Sonnen has called Silva a "cowardly charlatan," and calls his middleweight title a "fake reign."

Anderson Silva, who holds the longest win streak in UFC history at 14 and the most consecutive title defenses at 9, is considered by many to be the greatest UFC fighter of all time. Silva and the Brazilian people are offended by Sonnen's comments, but he has restrained from responding to these outlandish comments over the years.

However, on a recent media conference call, Silva erupted uncharacteristically. Silva reacted by saying Sonnen doesn't deserve to be in the UFC, and that he is going to break Sonnen's face. He went on to say he is going to make Sonnen swallow all of his teeth; break his arms, legs, and every bone in his body. Silva finished by saying that he will beat Sonnen the way his parents should have beaten him.

On Saturday, July 7, Chael Sonnen will face Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight championship at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, NV. Because of the way their last title fight ended, this is one of the most anticipated UFC rematches ever. Sonnen dominated their last fight for four and a half rounds, until Silva locked in a triangle armbar to submit Sonnen at the 3:10 mark in the final round. There has been a lot of talk since that fight, and now it's time for each fighter to shut up and fight.