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MLB Power Rankings: Rangers At The Top, White Sox Surging

Byran Gibberman's latest look at who is hot in major league baseball.

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The Arizona Diamondbacks beat the Colorado Rockies 10-0 on Tuesday night and they managed to make it less than a blip on the radar. Kirk Gibson gave Justin Upton, the struggling, young prodigy, his second day off in four days and let's just say Upton probably didn't respond as Gibby would have hoped. It's going to be interesting to see how things transpire over the next week. Onto the Power Rankings...

  1. Texas Rangers 33-23: The Rangers play has evened out a little bit going 5-5 in their last 10 games, but that is to be expected. They weren't going to win 130 games.
  1. Los Angeles Dodgers 35-21: Slightly holding onto the best record in MLB. Just as it looked like everything was falling apart, Los Angeles has won two straight games.
  1. New York Yankees 30-24: Have won seven of their last 10 and are only a half game out of first place in the AL East. Andy Pettite has been huge.
  1. Chicago White Sox 31-24: The hottest team in MLB. Adam Dunn is having a terrific bounce back season.
  1. Washington Nationals 31-22: Played the first game of a three game set with the New York Mets and stole the game in the 12th inning to stay in first place in the NL East.
  1. Miami Marlins 31-24: Ozzie Guillen apparently thinks the entire Marlins roster deserves to make the All Star game. Good think he isn't much of a homer.
  1. Tampa Bay Rays 31-24: Desmond Jennings returned from the DL on Tuesday night. He should provide a boost to the Rays line-up.
  1. New York Mets 31-25: I grew up a Yankees fan not a Mets fan, but congrats to Johan Santana pitching a no hitter. A special moment and well deserved for the die hard Mets fans.
  1. Cincinnati Reds 30-24: Sorry Reds, but I'm rooting for the Pirates, what a great story them winning the division would be. Pittsburgh is only two games behind Cincinnati.
  1. Baltimore Orioles 31-24: Sinking, sinking, sinking and sinking.

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