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Feedback From The Experts On Kendall Marshall

Say what you say about the pick of Kendall Marshall for the Phoenix Suns. Love it, or hate it. Here is what the experts have to say about what the Suns are getting in Marshall, but take it with a grain of salt. For the most part a person either loves or hates a pick. Very rarely is there thorough analysis and feedback in a few hours.

I think Marshall will be a solid NBA player. He might be the best passer in the draft, but his lack of lateral quickness may limit him to role player duty in the pros. If Steve Nash stays, he'll be a nice backup. If he leaves, the Suns will still need to find a starting point guard on the free agent market. -- Chad Ford

Grade: C

I like this pick by Phoenix. Need to surround him with some scorers, but its tough to find floor generals like Marshall in free agency. -- Jonathan Givony Draft

No Grade

It is going to be hard to really see the fit of Marshall with this team because the team is a shell of what it likely will be next year. A lot hinges on Steve Nash. If he returns then Marshall goes to the bench to soak in the knowledge from the legend. He can pick his brain on how to compete in the NBA at a high level without top end athleticism. Without Nash he is thrown to the fire with a depleted core group of scorers. In the end it is going to be a few years before this pick shows value, with or without Nash. - Kristofer Habbas

Grade: Good Fit

Kendall Marshall was able to operate the point guard spot at North Carolina in beautiful fashion. He understands the how to play the position at such an advanced level, but Phoenix does not have the relative talent to the NBA that North Carolina has compared to the rest of college basketball. If Steve Nash stays, then Marshall will be able to ease into the position. Such a scenario would certainly help Marshall's transition to the NBA. If Nash leaves and Phoenix goes into full rebuilding mode, it will be a much more burdensome task. - Jonathan Wasserman

Grade: B+

Good fit and bad fit. The system fits Marshall well, allowing his pure passing skills to distribute across the floor in transition. He doesn't need athleticism to convert in that system, you need Marshall's skills. But there isn't enough talent on the Suns to justify a pure floor general who can't create on his own. -- Jeff Goodman CBS

Grade: C-