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Phoenix Suns Long Shots For NBA Title In 2013, Miami Heat Are Favorites

The Phoenix Suns have missed the playoffs for two straight seasons and have an offseason of uncertainty. Steve Nash and Grant Hill are both free agents and Nash seems to be preparing fans for his eventual departure. As you would probably guess, they are not favored to win an NBA Championship next season.

In fact, according to, they have longer odds for a championship than all but eight other teams in the NBA.

The Miami Heat are the odds-on favorites for a 2013 championship at 11/4, followed by the Oklahoma City Thunder at 5/1.

Phoenix, though, could win you a lot of money if they pulled it off and you placed a bet now. They have 75/1 odds of bringing home the Larry O'Brien trophy.

They are in the company of teams like the Golden State Warriors, Milwaukee Bucks and Minnesota Timberwolves with the same odds. That is not pretty.

The bright side? If you have some money to burn and the suns can catch lightning in a bottle, you could bring home a nice chunk of change. However, the reality is that would be a really unwise bet. A better use would be to send any extra money you have to waste via Paypal to

I promise it will be used more wisely.

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