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NBA Finals 2012: LeBron James Gets His Ring, Does It His Way

There wasn't a more appropriate way for LeBron James to win his first NBA Championship.

Game Four and Game Five of the NBA Finals highlighted what makes James such a unique, special player. As good as #6 is individually, his ability and willingness to make others around him better separates him from almost every other superstar in the NBA.

Game Six against the Boston Celtics LeBron was on another level good, but that wasn't truly his game. James scored 45 of the Heat's 98 points and Dwyane Wade was the only other player in double figures with 17. Bron took the game over, won it all by himself.

Please don't misconstrue this upcoming part. In the last two games of the NBA Finals LeBron James was far and away the best player on the court.

James played facilitator in Games Four and Five. He scored 26 points in each game, but he controlled the game with his ability to draw defenders and open the court up for his teammates. LeBron had 25 assists combined in the final two games after having only 12 in the first three.

In Game Five the Heat had six players score in double figures, four with 20 points or more. In Game Four the Heat had four players in double figures, 3 with 20 points or more. In the two games combined Miami had 10 players in double figures with 7 scoring 20 points or more.

Compare that to Oklahoma City over Game Four and Game Five. The Thunder had six players in double figures and three over 20 points in the two games combined.

At different points across the series LeBron James made Dwyane Wade, Shane Battier, Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers, Mike Miller and Norris Cole better players.

James doesn't need to be coaxed into playing this way, his coach doesn't have to beg him, and his teammates don't have to give off subtle signs about his selfishness in postgame interviews.

His first NBA Championship brought validation for many. People who really paid attention know it wasn't needed.

LeBron as an individual has been on a level all by himself since pretty much his second year in the league. In any one of those season if James was surrounded by the right talent he could have won it all.

Yes James' game has grown and evolved, playing more in the post as a true power forward was ultra important to this year's title run. But with a player like James depending on the complimentary players he could lead a team to a championship playing as a true point guard.

LeBron's versatility has always been one of his biggest strengths. The way the Heat were constructed Miami was able to create the most mismatches with him playing power forward. It gave room for Wade to operate on the perimeter and opened up the court for Miami's many solid spot up shooters in Bosh, Battier, Chalmers and Miller.

James playing power forward with point guard passing skills and the Heat's complimentary players was an impossible combination for the Thunder to stop.

LeBron won a championship his way, the right way, and it is just the beginning.