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MLB Power Rankings: Could The Yankees Overtake Rangers For No. 1?

The teams are pretty much the same, but the order has changed some.

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After a tough road trip the Arizona Diamondbacks are back home fighting to get back to .500. They have started off their series against the Seattle Mariners splitting the first two games. For the D-Backs to go on an extended winning streak (which is seriously needed) they need Daniel Hudson to be more consistent. On the season he has a 6.60 ERA, but in the month of June he has shown signs of improvement. In two starts against Texas and San Diego (both on the road) he pitched a combined 15 innings, five earned runs with 12 strikeouts. In his other two starts, Tuesday against the Mariners and June 8th vs. Oakland (both at home) Hudson has pitched in 5 2/3 innings giving up 13 runs with seven strikeouts. On to this week's power rankings...

  1. Texas Rangers 42-27- After a stretch where their play dipped the Rangers are right back to cruising. Five wins in a row and have won eight of their last 10.
  1. New York Yankees 41-26- Winners of 10 in a row before they fell to the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday night. Their pitching staff has been terrific and they came ohhhhh so close to taking the #1 spot from the Rangers.
  1. Tampa Bay Rays 38-29- Imagine how good they would be if they had that third baseman who is kinda good? Evan Longoria's rehab got shutdown, not good news.
  1. Los Angeles Dodgers 42-26- Ahhh we finally get to the National League. Started their road trip through California 0-1. Eight more games to go.
  1. Washington Nationals 38-27- The Nats have dropped four straight games, three of them to the red hot Yankees. But since the Yankees beat up the rest of the division also they're still in good shape.
  1. Cincinnati Reds 38-29- Joey Votto my lord are you on an incredible tear. Unfortunately all good things do eventually have to come to an end. That .585 BABIP in the month of June is going to take a steep dip.
  1. Baltimore Orioles 39-29- The moment I dread every weak, having to type the Orioles name. Have lost two in a row, but still haven't collapsed yet. Let's see how much longer they make me look dumb for.
  1. San Francisco 38-31- Melky Cabrera is still hitting .369. I never thought Cabrera would be this good when I used to watch him all the time on the Yankees.
  1. New York Mets 37-32- R.A. Dickey is a fantastic story, but anyone who has paid attention the previous two seasons already knew he was a damn good pitcher. Take two seconds and look up his numbers.
  1. Los Angeles Angels- It's too bad they got off to such a slow start. I don't think they would have won the AL West, but they're talented enough to make it interesting.