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Dennis Hamilton, Former Arizona State And Phoenix Suns Basketball Player, Dies At 68

Hamilton bought season tickets to Arizona State basketball games in 1992 after moving from California.

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Dennis Hamilton, a former Arizona State basketball player and a great fan of the school and program, died on Monday at 68-years-old, according to The Arizona Republic.

Hamilton played for the Sun Devils in the mid-1960s and at 6-foot-8, he was known for his ability to run up and down the court and for his knack of hitting his free throws, which he hit at an 81.3% clip.

Hamilton was the first player signed by Jerry Colangelo during his early days as general manager of the Phoenix Suns and also played for the Lakers for a short while with the likes of Jerry West and Elgin Baylor.

He passed away after a fight with cancer and his son, Brady, told the Arizona Republic that he died peacefully.

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