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Charlotte Bobcats Hire ex-Arizona Coach Mike Dunlap As New Head Coach

Most people thought Mike Dunlap was a bonafied lunatic when he turned down the chance to be the Arizona Wildcat's interim coach during Lute Olsen's health issues. Dunlap later moved onto St. John's University and filled in for head coach Steve Lavin while Lavin recuperated from cancer.


Now, the Charlotte Bobcats are hoping Dunlap can reclaim some of the magic he had in the days of Division II basketball where he won a pair of national titles with Metro State. Dunlap edged out Indiana Pacers assistant coach Brian Shaw and Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Quin Snyder to become the new head coach of the woeful Bobcats.


The Bobcats are coming off of the worst NBA season in history, going 7-59 for a .106 win percentage. The Bobcats dropped their final 23 games of the lockout-shortened season.


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