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MLB Power Rankings: Yankees Surging Forward

Gibberman's weekly look at the best in the MLB.


The Arizona Diamondbacks were back at .500 for a day and then the schedule decided to make their lives difficult. They already lost the first game of the Texas Rangers series to knock them to 30-31 - the question is how far under .500 will they be after the next five games, two more against the Rangers and three against the Angels? If they can go 2-3 in the next five games the D'Backs will be fine because they host the Mariners and Cubs in a six game homestand right after this tough stretch. Onto this week's power rankings...

  1. Texas Rangers 36-26: I came awfully close to dropping them from the #1 spot. Being 10 games over in the American League is more impressive to me then being more games over in the National League.
  1. New York Yankees 36-25: The Yankees have moved into first place in the ridiculously tough AL East. Don't think they will look back again from this point forward.
  1. Los Angeles Dodgers: 40-23: Don Mattingly, your early favorite for Manager of the Year.
  1. Washington Nationals 37-23: Time to go ahead and admit I was wrong -- the Nationals are here to stay and are one of the top 3 teams in the NL.
  1. Tampa Bay Rays 35-26: Need to continue to battle through injuries. Longoria is still not back and Ben Zobrist is now a little nicked up when he was starting to get going.
  1. San Francisco Giants 35-27: Are able to get away with being successful even with the demise of Tim Lincecum because Madison Bumgarner is that freaking good.
  1. Baltimore Orioles 35-26: Right when it looked like everything was starting to fall apart and I was going to start pounding my chest for being right they run off three straight wins.
  1. Chicago White Sox 34-27: Really weird stat from the AL Central teams. Every single one has a better record on the road than at home.
  1. Cincinnati Reds 33-27: Too early to name Joey Votto NL MVP?????
  1. Atlanta Braves 34-28: They sneak in despite losing three in a row to drop from nine games over .500 to six games over.

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