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Arizona Diamondbacks Player/Pitcher Of The Week: A Tough Week For Awards

The Arizona Diamondbacks had themselves a fairly mediocre week that included finishing out a good series against the Miami Marlins and dropping two out of three in series against both the improved Washington Nationals and the New York Mets.

However, even in midst of mediocrity, there were some decent performances. This week's Pitcher of the Week award goes to Trevor Cahill. The Player of the Week award goes to Ryan Roberts.

Cahill gets recognized for his performance against the Nats on Tuesday, rather than his loss on Sunday. Cahill allowed only one run and six hits over 7 1/3 innings. He had five strikeouts and only one walk. Overall, he's had a much better regular season than his spring training would have suggested. He continued an overall strong performance by D-backs starting pitchers not named Josh Collmenter. Arizona has mainly had a problem getting runs on the board.

Speaking of that problem, no single D-backs player had a particularly fantastic performance at the plate this week. No one's season-long struggles have been more obvious than third baseman Ryan Roberts. Last season, he seemed to always provide timely hits, but not so much this go-round. But he gets credit this week for his play against the Nats on Saturday. It was a losing effort, sure, but he went 2-for-3, with a homer and a drawn walk. It wasn't a spectacular game by objective standards, but it was nice to see Roberts contribute and perhaps work some swagger back into his game.

Keeping track of the awards:

Player of the Week awards:

Gerardo Parra, Jason Kubel, and Ryan Roberts -- 1

Pitcher of the Week awards:

Joe Saunders, Wade Miley, and Trevor Cahill -- 1