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MLB Power Rankings: Rangers Get Better With Oswalt

Bryan Gibberman ranks the hottest teams in baseball.

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A myriad of problems have developed this season for the Arizona Diamondbacks. We have already discussed the struggles from the line-up and starting pitcher so before we hit the power rankings lets hit another. The current two-game losing streak has happened on the road, but the Diamondbacks have stopped winning games at home - they are 10-15. In 2011 the Snakes were 51-30 at Chase Field, third most in the National League. They are on worse pace than they were in 2010 when they finished with 68 wins, that year Arizona was 40-41 at home. Now onto the power rankings...

  1. Texas Rangers 31-19: Bold prediction- the Texas Rangers won't leave the #1 spot this entire season. Love the low risk high reward signing of Roy Oswalt.
  1. Los Angeles Dodgers 32-17: Matt Kemp returned to the line-up, but it did not produce a win. Dodgers have dropped two in a row.
  1. Tampa Bay Rays 29-21: It was overshadowed by Chris Sale's 15 strikeouts, but a great sign for the Rays with Matt Moore finding his groove striking out 10 in seven innings his last start.
  1. Washington Nationals 29-20: Sorry still not a believer and the Marlins taking the first two of their three game series isn't helping.
  1. Baltimore Orioles 29-21: Must be something about the teams in the Washington D.C./Virginia area I'm still selling the Orioles. Have dropped four in a row, I think the nice story is coming to a crashing halt.
  1. Chicago White Sox 28-22: Second highest run differential in the AL behind the Texas Rangers at +36. Have jumped the Indians for first place in the AL Central.
  1. Miami Marlins 28-22: Jose Reyes, Hanley Ramirez and Giancarlo Stanton are all starting to hit. They're going to end up being the best team in the National League.
  1. Cincinnati Reds 28-21: The Reds have won eight of their last 10 games. Brandon Phillips bat has come alive.
  1. New York Yankees 26-23: Have lost two in a row against the Angels, which is to be expected, the Yanks never beat LAA. Expect the wins to starting piling up again after the series wraps up on Wednesday.