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Worst To First In The NFC West? Unlikely

Each and every season for many seasons, one last place team the previous season ends up the division champion. In the NFC West, if that were to happen, it would mean that the St. Louis Rams would pull it off. In post on SB Nation NFL, each last place team from 2011 is discussed and analyzed as to what the likelihood would be for them to come back in 2012 and win their respective divisions.

In the NFC West, the Rams are not likely to do that. Why?

Because the San Francisco 49ers won a ton of games a season ago and this season, they still have their defense intact and have added offensive weapons for Alex Smith.

After finishing 2-14 a season ago, the Rams don't look the part.

The division is close in talent, which is a help in their favor.

However, Sam Bradford is not yet fully recovered from his ankle injury, running back Steven Jackson is not any younger and despite a new head coach, they have lost their defensive coordinator.

People will still see San Fran as the favorites to win the division again, but both the Cardinals and Seahawks have a chance at competing for it.

But will the Rams be 2012's worst to first story? Nope...that just isn't going to happen.

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