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2012 Kentucky Derby Picks: Daddy Nose Best Might Be Better Bet Than Bodemeister

Among the Arizona horses, there are three potential possibilites. There's the favorite in Bodemeister, the mid-range sleeper in Daddy Nose Best, and the long underdog in Liaison.

Let's face it, Bodemeister has really short odds at 4-1. Not really who you want to be laying your money on such a big favorite, since the payout isn't that significant. You're probably better putting your money off on mid-level favorites, like Daddy Nose Best.

Daddy Nose Best seems pretty solid at 15-1. He's played very well the past few weeks and coming from off the pace, a style that works well in the Derby and could come in handy when trying to come from behind in Churchill Downs. Liaison is a long shot and probably shouldn't be trusted with your money. So don't.

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