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Kentucky Derby 2012: All That Matters Are The Horse Names

Horse racing? Kentucky Derby? Hours of TV for a few minutes of an event? So much to not understand surrounding the hype of this race by horses. However, there is one thing that someone like me can pay attention to with the event. That would be the names of the actual horses.

What? The names?

Yes. I don't think that at any point I have watched an entire race of the Kentucky Derby. But I like hearing the names.

In this year's Kentucky Derby, the names are all right. But one is the best of the group -- that would be Daddy Nose Best.

Why is that? It is a play on words.And it it uses the wrong word in "nose."

Some of the other names aren't quite as fun, like Hansen or Dullahan.

But a couple of others are fun -- Done Talking (because I like the insinuation that it is just about the race), El Padrino (the Godfather in Spanish -- we all know why that is cool -- although you have to wonder if the other horses fear crossing him if his name and personality were to match) and Sabercat (simply put, it is an interesting name for a horse. It's the equivalent of calling your bird Wolf.)

As for the actual race, it is inconsequential for me. It isn't long enough to interest me and if you don't gamble and don't care for horses running on a track, then the race is not too meaningful. That's where I'm at.

But if a horse has a good name, I'll at least pay attention.