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WAC Baseball Tournament 2012 Preview: New Mexico State The Favorite

The WAC Baseball Tournament will take place in Mesa, Arizona, where New Mexico State is considered the favorite.

HoHoKam Park (via <a href="">jkmorton</a>)
HoHoKam Park (via jkmorton)

The 2012 WAC Baseball tournament will be contested in Mesa, Arizona at Hohokam Stadium. New Mexico State is the number one seed and the supposed favorite. Six WAC teams will be playing.

Wednesday, May 23rd
Game 1: #4 Hawaii vs. #5 Fresno State, 3 PM
Game 2: #3 Nevada vs. #6 Louisiana Tech, 7 PM

Thursday, May 24th
Game 3: Loser Game 1 vs. Loser Game 2, 11 AM
Game 4: #2 Sacramento State vs. Highest Seed Available, 3 PM
Game 5: #1 New Mexico State vs. Lowest Seed Available, 7 PM

Friday, May 25th
Game 6: Winner Game 3 vs. Lowest Seed of Game 4/5 Losers, 11 AM
Game 7: Winner Game 6 vs. Highest Seed of Game 4/5 Losers, 3 PM
Game 8: Winner Game 5 vs. Winner Game 4, 7 PM

Saturday, May 26th
Game 9: Winner Game 7 vs. Loser Game 8, 3 PM
Game 10: Winner Game 8 vs. Winner Game 9, 7 PM

Sunday, May 27th
Game 11 (if necessary): Winner Game 8 vs. Winner Game 9, Noon

The Winner of Game 8 only needs to beat the Winner of Game 9 once (either Game 10 or Game 11) to capture the WAC Championship. The Winner of Game 9 must beat the Winner of Game 8 twice (both Game 10 and Game 11) to capture the conference title.

This tournament is a double-elimination format. In other words, if your team loses two games, you're out.