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NL West Standings: Diamondbacks Still Chasing Dodgers, Giants

The Arizona Diamondbacks continue to fight their way up the standings in the NL West. They just have a long way to climb.

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The Arizona Diamondbacks get exactly what they need right now - a shot at the division-leading Los Angeles Dodgers. Their three-game series starts a week that ends with a visit from the Milwaukee Brewers.

The D-backs have won three of their last four games, all of which were on the road before heading home for six games. They sit 9.5 games back of a dominant Dodgers team (28-13) and a Giants (21-20) team that has won three of their last four games. The San Diego Padres' (16-26) improvement has moved them past the struggling Colorado Rockies (15-25) who have lost their last four games.

NL West Standings

Los Angeles 28 13 .683 0 Won 4
San Francisco 21 20 .512 7 Lost 1
Arizona 19 23 .452 9.5 Won 1
San Diego 16 26 .381 12.5 Won 2
Colorado 15 25 .375 12.5 Lost 4

(updated 5.21.2012 at 12:48 PM PDT)

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