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Steve Nash Wins Magic Johnson Award

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The reasons for why Steve Nash deserved his season-ending standing ovation continue to pile on. Even among those who have to be impartial in their viewing of athletes, Nash still stands out among his peers. And for that, Nash was awarded his first Magic Johnson Award for combining excellence on the court with cooperation with the media and fans, according to the Arizona Republic.

Nash beat out finalists Kevin Love, Manu Ginobli and Chris Paul for the award.

The annual Professional Basketball Writers Association award has also been bestowed upon the likes of Kevin Durant, Chris Bosh, Brandon Roy and Grant Hill, in recent years.

"It's a privilege and honor to be recognized by the pro basketball writers, whose passion and skillfulness present the frontline of how our game is understood and perceived by our fans," Nash told the Republic. "Their role in our sport can't be underestimated and it's an honor to be recognized by them along with the past recipients."

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