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NBA Free Agency: Shannon Brown Is Good Candidate To Return...Unless There Is Someone Better

The Phoenix Suns have several decisions to make with their own free agents. Shannon Brown is one of them. He started the season inconsistently, but was a very important player to the team in the second half of the season, especially when he stepped in as a starter. In his 19 starts, he averaged 16 points and shot 43 percent from three-point range.

Over at Bright Side of the Sun, there is a good discussion about the possibility of signing Brown to a longer, richer contract than the one he signed before this season.

Essentially, it comes down to this --

He is basically Plan C. Or D. Not a real starter or savior, but definitely a backup plan among second-tier guard options. He knows the Suns system, and has proven his ability to produce no matter who surrounds him.

Is Brown better than Jamal Crawford? Yes, a thousand times yes. While Crawford tends to lose the faith of his teammates, coaches and front office personnel (I mean seriously, saying you "need" to be in Phoenix while standing among your current Portland teammates?!?!), Shannon Brown has been a model citizen.

But the Suns are no longer in the business of handing out long contracts like candy. They are going to be smart and conservative going forward.

Is Brown a better option than Eric Gordon? Heck no.

Is Brown better than OJ Mayo? No.

Is Brown better than, say, Alonzo Gee? Probably, maybe. Gee is taller, plays better defense and his teammates love him, but he can't score or shoot the 3-ball.

So is Brown a good candidate to return to the Suns? log as nothing better is out there.

Talk more Suns at Bright Side of the Sun.

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