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The Masters 2012: Louis Oosthuizen Makes History With Double Eagle [VIDEO]

It doesn't get much better than sinking a hole-in-one on the back nine at Augusta National on Sunday at the Masters, which Bo Van Pelt just so happened to do earlier today. But South African Louis Oosthuizen just had to top him, dropping the second ever double-eagle (albatross) in tournament history at the par-5 second hole to take the lead at the 2012 Masters.

Make the jump to see for yourself.

There's only been one only double-eagle ever at the Masters, and it was hit by Gene Sarazen back in 1935 on the par-5 15th. You can see below how Oosthuizen uses the slope of the green perfectly on his 260 yard long-iron second shot, watching it slowly creep into the hole as the crowd goes wild.

Ossthuizen is shocked to say the least, and in the heat of the moment tosses the immediately historic golf ball casually to a fan, and gives a impassioned high five to his caddy.



What an incredible day it's already been at Augusta National, and the leaders are only getting started.

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