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Tim Mickelson, Brother Of Phil Mickelson, Looking To Continue Legacy At Arizona State

Golf fans (and sports fans in general, really) all know of Phil Mickelson's heroics both on and off the golf course.

The former standout at Arizona State University has translated his success from his college days onto the PGA Tour and has been ranked in the top-10 worldwide for years. Combine his professional success with everything he does with his family -- his wife defeated breast cancer a year ago and he hosts multiple events to raise money for research and awareness -- and there's a reason thousands of fans show up at The Masters to watch him play.

Phil may be the name known most in the Mickelson family, but his younger brother, Tim, is no slouch himself. Now enrolled at ASU, he is looking to continue the legacy his brother left behind in Tempe.

The guys at have the story:

Phil Mickelson went on to become a three-time NCAA champion and four-time All-American at Arizona State, a career that included a PGA Tour win in Tucson as an amateur in 1991.

"As much respect as I have for my brother's golf game," Tim said, "I have more respect for what he does for other people and from a philanthropic standpoint."

Naturally, Phil is thrilled to see his brother leading his old program now.

"I think he's the perfect guy for the job," Phil Mickelson said recently. "He loves Arizona State. He's such a solid guy that parents are going to want their kids to play for him. And he knows how to play, so he's going to help his players get the best out of their game."

Of course, if anyone knows the importance of a player having their own individual swing it's Tim Mickelson. He's left-handed but plays golf right-handed, while Phil is right-handed and plays golf from the left side.

"My philosophy is to be the best you are you have to take ownership of your own game," Tim said. "My job is to provide them every possible resource to be the best. It's up to them to put in the time."

For as much as Tim would like to be in Augusta this week cheering his big brother on at The Masters, he'll stay home in Phoenix, preparing for a big meet the Sun Devils are preparing to host. Golf has always been the name of the game in the Mickelson family, but sometimes you have to put business before pleasure. Tim Mickelson is determined to continue Phil's hard work at ASU and on the PGA Tour, and that starts now.

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