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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Arizona Cardinals Take Cordy Glenn

The Arizona Cardinals have one pressing upgrade they need to make this offseason--their pass protectors. The Cardinals had decent quarterback play last season, but it was often negated because their line fell apart on way too many occasions.

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated released the fourth version of his mock draft, and he has the Cardinals going after a right tackle that would upgrade a spot that needs upgrading, one Cordy Glenn of the Georgia Bulldogs.

With Trent Richardson going to the No. 4 Browns in this mock, I'm off the proposed Bengals-Cardinals trade at No. 13 and No. 17 that I laid out in the 3.0 version. This is a little higher than many have Glenn going, but he has outstanding size and athleticism and would provide a needed upgrade at right offensive tackle in Arizona.

Getting a right tackle that can be that good that early would be quite a coup for the Cardinals.

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