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Scout In USA Today Knocks Arizona Diamondbacks Pitchers Josh Collmenter And Trevor Cahill

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As the Arizona Diamondbacks get ready to start their regular season Friday against the San Francisco Giants, the previews of the different divisions have begun. While the Diamondbacks had unexpected success in 2011, much more is expected in 2012.

One such preview in the USA Today, breaking down the NL West, was critical of the D-Backs, especially the starting rotation.

An unnamed scout had harsh comments for both Josh Collmenter and Trevor Cahil, currently tabbed as the number three and four starters in the Arizona rotation.

Said the scout in the article:

Their starting pitching looks like a mess. Cahill looks like he's throwing (batting practice) out there; his ball isn't sinking at all. He was supposed to be a No. 2 starter but looks no better than a No. 4, and that's being nice. I'm not sure Collmenter would make hardly anyone else's rotation. His velocity is just 86 to 88 mph.

Both pitchers have had their struggles in the spring. Collmenter has allowed as many homeruns (five) as he has gotten strikeouts.

Cahill has been trying to get a feel for his thing in the rotation. He needs to look more like he did in 2010 and Collmenter just needs to continue with the trend of stepping up when he gets criticized.

We won't know more until the bright lights of the regular season begin, but Arizona is going to have to count on both of these pitchers to be consistent. If they continue to struggle, the season for the D-Backs could turn interest away quickly.

That would be a shame.