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Arizona Diamondbacks Going To Work Out Vladimir Guerrero ...Why?

Arizona Diamondbacks general manager Kevin Towers visited the broadcast booth on Sunday afternoon during the game against the Miami Marlins. He discussed some of the injury situations on the team, but also revealed something interesting -- that the team was going to work out Vladimir Guerrero.

Guerrero is a free agent and has not technically retired, but has not had much interest from any team.

The interesting thing is that Guerrero can't play in the field, having done so only 20 times since 2009.

The Diamondbacks have a weekend interleague series in Kansas City in May and then two road interleague series in June, so there is the possibility that they are giving him a look to perhaps carry him on the roster then.

However, last season, Guerrero had clearly lost a bit. He hit .290, but only had 13 homers. His average, slugging percentage and OPS were the lowest of his career. His 13 homers were the least he ever had in a full season.

The D-backs did do roughly the same thing last season with Wily Mo Pena, but it would be an interesting move. Once Chris Young returns, they already have a player in the outfield that will have to find playing time. Jason Kubel would seem to be the perfect DH. Plus, if Miguel Montero gets the day off from catching, he could DH with Henry Blanco behind the plate.

Likely this is simply a case of kicking the tires of a known slugger and nothing will come of it, but it always raises eyebrows when you look at a guy that will likely be in the Hall of Fame.

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