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Phoenix Suns Still (More Or Less) Control Their Own Playoff Destiny

With their win Sunday night over the New Orleans Hornets, the Phoenix Suns moved back to .500 and within 1 1/2 games of the eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference. While they have been on the outside looking in for most of the season, believe it or not, the Suns still are in a position to be able to get in on their own without really any help from other teams.

How is that possible?

It comes down to winning games, and the Suns play a lot of teams that are in the standings ahead of them. They will have the chance to leapfrog those teams if they can play with the same intensity that is required once the playoffs begin.

Of their 14 remaining games, they have 11 against teams currently ahead of them. All they have to do is just win games. It is an unlikely battle and a tough one, but the Suns are in a good enough place.

Eight of those games are on the road, including the next stretch on their schedule when they have seven of their next eight away from US Airways Center.

The odds are not great, but the Suns have a chance, which is better than we all though it would be not long ago.Talk more Suns at Bright Side of the Sun.

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