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Former ASU Baseball Players Scattered Throughout Major Leagues

The Arizona State baseball program has been one of the more productive ones when it comes to producing players at the major league level. Currently the trend continues. There are nine former Sun Devils that grace the rosters of major league ball clubs in 2012.

Here locally, we are quite familiar with Willie Bloomquist, who is playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks and was the Opening Day shortstop, due to the injury that is still keeping Stephen Drew sidelined. He is the senior member of the Sun Devil alumni in the majors.

Also a very familiar name is Andre Ethier, who plays for the evil Los Angeles Dodgers. He is one of the most talented outfielders in baseball.

Over in the American League in Boston is Dustin Pedroia, who anchors second base for the Red Sox. Of the current group, he has had the best career, having won an MVP award and a pair of Gold Gloves.

The rest of the group is pretty young. Pitcher Mike Leake is a starter in Cincinnati. Travis Buck is a reserve for the Astros. Ike Davis comes back from injury to start at first base for the Mets. Jason Kipnis is starting at second for the Cleveland Indians. Eric Sogard is on the big league roster in Oakland and Josh Spence has a bullpen spot for the San Diego Padres.

As a former Sun Devil myself (but not talented enough for anything but school and the marching band), it is refreshing and satisfying to see players that succeeded here find success in the big leagues. Even if it means that he has success for an evil team like the Dodgers.

So on behalf of Sun Devil alums everywhere, let us raise the pitchfork and shout ASU! ASU! on behalf of these nine big league players.

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