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7 Observations From ASU Spring Football Practice At Sun Devil Stadium

On Saturday, the Arizona State football team had their first scrimmage at Sun Devil Stadium on a Saturday for the public to see. The practice was well attended by fans, media and you could see what were likely potential recruits. There was certainly a lot of rust to be seen as it is spring practice and a new coaching staff, but there were a few things that caught my eyes as I attended as a fan.

1) Uneven quarterback play

Michael Bercovici started with the first team. Michael Eubank is a physical specimen. Neither of the two of them nor Taylor Kelly stood out. There were issues with throw accuracy and decision making.

2) As expected, the defense is ahead of the offense, but the offense progressed

At the start of practice, the offense looked terrible. Aside from Eubank being able to scramble effectively, nothing was working. However, as practice went on, the offense began to be able to move the ball.

3) James Morrison might be more of a contributor in 2012

Lost in the shuffle behind Cameron Marshall, Deantre Lewis and Kyle Middlebrook, James Morrison showed effectiveness in limited time the past two years. In practice, he showed to be a very, very good straight ahead runner. He doesn't have the shiftiness the other backs do, but he does hit a hole quickly and moves the pile forward.

4) Running back athleticism

The quarterback play may not be an issue. If the Devils can run the ball effectively, it will be fun. With Morrison already mentioned, let us not forget Deantre Lewis' return. Marcus Washington channeled his inner Cameron Marshall, completely hurdling a defender on one play. Pretty impressive.

Remember this?

5) The kicking game is suspect so far

Alex Garoutte was inconsistent. Much like last year. There were a couple of other kickers. One wearing number 94. He was built kind of like Sebastian Janikoski. And he kicked funny, but he got it through the uprights.

6) Josh Hubner is great

The punting game could be incredibly good. Hubner showed his skills in many different kicks. While a solid punter is a great thing to have, you worry that he will become too important (meaning that the offense isn't as good as it should). Most probably hope that Hubner's skills will be underappreciated and underutilized. Scoring points is great.

7) Junior Onyeali

The pass rusher was suspended by Dennis Erickson and that suspension has been upheld by Todd Graham, but he is working hard to come back. He attends practice and interacts with his teammates. What is even more impressive is how he looks physically. Much like Vontaze Burfict, before this season, Onyeali could have worked harder in the gym. He now has a football body. He looks like he is in great shape.

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