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What NFL Uniform Looks Best On Peyton Manning? The Cardinals, Of Course

There are a lot of factors that will determine where Peyton Manning will be playing this next season. There are issues of of much money he will want, what type of coach he wants to play for, the quality of the offensive line, the location, whether the team plays in a dome or not, whether the field is grass or turf, does the team have a quality wide receiver, among others.

There is one unmentioned factor. It is one of fashion and appearance.

Players like to look good in their uniforms. Peyton himself equated this situation he is in as like being recruited in college. There are scores of young men who make a decision based on how they will look in the team's colors. Even in the pros you get fashion conscious players. On the Cardinals, kicker Jay Feely wears gloves -- not because he is cold or a better grip on the ball for those times they run a fake. It is because they look cool.

If in fact the uniform matters, let us look at the possibilities and give our thoughts.


Seahawks: Bleh. Looks like Matt Hasselbeck. He's bald. Manning doesn't want to be reminded of that. Plus the blue/green/whatever color has got to go. Ruling: no good.

Cardinals: This is a uniform you could get used to. He wore a lot of white in Indy. This uni has the white that we are familiar with. The red accents are a great touch. Ruling: very good choice.

Redskins: The burgundy is too shocking on Manning. It is too drastic a change. It is color of blood. He doesn't want that. Ruling: bad idea.

Dolphins: This isn't bad. The uni is white, as is the helmet. Again -- familiarity. However, can you get past the teal and orange? Ruling: not the worst one.

Titans: While it isn't white, it does have a familiar blue. However, it is too much. Plus, is that a flying 'T'? Or is it a shield or what? How does that make sense for the Titans (I kid, but only sort of). Of course, he runs into the Hasselbeck thing. Ruling: meh...

Jets: This is a joke, right? Green? The color of envy, of mold and of boogers? Need we say more? Ruling: *projectile vomit*

There you have it. Much like people are already saying, Miami and Arizona are the best. The uniforms say it, too. But Arizona's is better...but we're not biased at all, are we?

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