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Peyton Manning Mania Gives New Orleans Saints Rest From Scorching Spotlights

Even though they aren't going to go after him, the New Orleans Saints have to be elated that the news broke that Peyton Manning would be released by the Indianapolis Colts on Wednesday, a day before he is due a $28 million bonus.

Why is that?

Well, if you had not noticed, the Saints have not been getting too much love in the media.

Their former defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, who no longer is on the team staff, was heavily involved in the Bountygate scandal that has been so discussed over the past few days. On Tuesday, the team released a statement by head coach Sean Payton and general manager Mickey Loomis in which they took responsibility for the league infractions and kept the owner out of the mix.

Let us not forget how QB Drew Brees is reportedly "livid" that the Saints did not sign him long-term yet, opting to place the franchise tag on him. He has said that he will not sign the deal.

So, pretty much, the Saints are a mess and were getting all the attention.

Now, Peyton Manning and his potential 2012 team are going to be all the rage in the media.

With the Arizona Cardinals reportedly on the list of interested teams, it will likely be a few days before the Saints can enter in any conversation about football.

That is just as well.

With all that has gone in in New Orleans (not Mardi Gras), this little break could be exactly the they needed. Maybe now they can work on getting Brees signed long term.