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Spring Training 2012: Cactus League Schedule, Week Of March 10

The 2012 Cactus League is in full swing and the following is this week's game schedule. You can check out the full schedule PDF here.

Monday, March 5

Dodgers @ White Sox, Glendale

Indians @ Reds, Goodyear

Athletics (ss) @ Cubs, Mesa

Mariners @ Padres, Peoria

Angels @ Athletics (ss), Phoenix

Diamondbacks @ Rockies, Salt River

Rangers @ Royals, Surprise

Brewers @ Giants, Scottsdale, 7:05 pm

Tuesday, March 6

Giants @ Dodgers, Glendale

Royals (ss) @ Indians, Goodyear

Athletics @ Brewers, Maryvale

Rockies @ Cubs, Mesa

Reds @ Mariners, Peoria

Rangers @ Diamondbacks, Salt River

Padres @ Royals (ss), Surprise

White Sox @ Angels, Tempe

Wednesday, March 7

Brewers @ White Sox, Glendale

Padres (ss) @ Reds, Goodyear

Rangers @ Padres (ss), Peoria

Dodgers @ Athletics, Phoenix

Indians @ Diamondbacks, Salt River

Rockies @ Giants, Scottsdale

Cubs @ Royals, Surprise

Mariners @ Angels, Tempe

Thursday, March 8

Athletics @ Dodgers, Glendale

Angels @ Indians, Goodyear

Reds @ Brewers, Maryvale

Mariners @ Cubs, Mesa

Giants @ Padres, Peoria

Royals @ Rockies, Salt River

White Sox @ Rangers, Surprise