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Get Peyton Manning To Arizona, Do Your Part (Or Something Like That)

It will be no longer than a few days from now, but by Friday the whole world of football will know whether or not quarterback Peyton Manning will be a free agent -- perhaps the biggest free agent ever. As he is due a $28 million bonus, the Indianapolis Colts might cut him, especially since they will likely be drafting quarterback Andrew Luck to be the team's newest franchise QB.

Can fans do anything to help Manning decide to join the Arizona Cardinals, who are rumored to have interest in the future Hall of Fame QB? Why, yes.

The website has an online petition you can sign to have your voice heard.

It is great as a fan to have a voice and be able to tell the world you want Manning in Arizona.

But while it is fun and great...Peyton Manning is not going to look at any petition. His people might see it and get a chuckle or two, but Manning will never use that as a reason for picking a team. He is looking for money (all athletes do), team infrastructure and the chance of winning.

But signing petitions is fun, so go ahead and do it. If he does end up an Arizona Cardinal, you could say that you made the difference.