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Lamenting The Possibility Of Steve Nash Leaving To The Miami Heat

Steve Nash is and has been arguably the most important player and most popular athlete in Arizona sports. He is set to become a free agent after the season and in a recent interview on the Dan Patrick Show, he discussed possible destinations, including the Miami Heat.

Said Nash about joining LeBron James on the Heat in pursuit of an NBA title:

"Can I stay in his guesthouse? ... I'd listen. He's phenomenal and I love what they're doing there. A lot of people don't like ‘em because they put all that talent together but they're professional, they play hard, they play together and their coaching staff has done a great job. So I have a tremendous amount of respect for them and I would definitely listen."

This poses a very unhealthy situation for Phoenix Suns fans.

Everyone here in Phoenix loves Steve Nash. If he leaves, most would hope he wins a championship in his career. He deserves it.

However, the Miami Heat happen to be one of the most hated teams, particularly by many here in Phoenix. Those people do not want the Heat to win it all. LeBron James is popular, but also perhaps the most despised player in the game, not because of being a bad player or a bad guy, but for things like "The Decision".

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How would Suns fans feel if Nash were on the Heat? Would their universe implode if their beloved Canadian joined the Dark Side? Which would be the greater passion -- the love for Nash and hope that he gets his elusive ring, or the equally passionate disdain for the Heat and all they represent?

Now putting the passion aside, you have to imagine that if Nash were to join the Heat, the result would be a championship. He could be the ball handler and would make LeBron's job easier, Dwyane Wade's job easier and Chris Bosh would be even better. And the shooters on the team? Adding Nash to that group would be deadly. He wouldn't even have to take a shot. You could practically gift-wrap a championship.

Sadly, it would be an unsatisfying feeling for Suns fans. Yes, Nash would have gotten what he deserved, but in so doing, evil would have triumphed. It would feel slightly dirty.

What are we saying in the end? I think it is this: if Steve Nash has to leave, please let it not be with the Miami Heat.