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Fans Think More Highly Of Steve Nash's Ball-Handling Skills Than Do NBA Players

Phoenix Suns fans are consistently spoiled by the play of ageless superstar point guard Steve Nash. His ability to keep the dribble going and distributing the ball are well known. However, he is getting less and less love from the players in the NBA as he gets older.

According to an NBA Player poll gathered by Sports Illustrated and as will be read in the next issue of the magazine, Steve Nash is no longer considered the best ball handler in the league. That recognition would go to Chris Paul.

Paul was voted the best by a landslide, netting 50 percent of the vote. Nash was second with 11 percent of the vote. Five years ago, the results were opposite with Nash at the top.

What is interesting is the "generation gap" in the league. Among players under 30 years old, only six percent voted for Nash. However, among veterans 30 or older, Nash got most of the votes, as he got 27 percent of the older players.

Fans, though, still think Nash is king. A Facebook poll had Nash picked with 54 percent of the vote.

Coming from the Phoenix perspective, fans obviously know what is going on. Steve Nash is the best in the business. his NBA player counterparts should rethink their voting.

Even better, they could face off on the basketball court. They actually did on Wednesday night.

Both Paul and Nash had 15 assists. Nash had four turnovers and Paul only two. Looks like Paul wins that round.

Luckily, Phoenix fans know better than to get worked up about something like a small battle. The war is what matters and they know (think) that Nash is the best.

The best part? No one here is going to argue with you.

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