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Arizona State Coaches React To Lisa Love's Departure, Steve Patterson's Promotion

The news of Lisa Love's departure from Arizona State University spread quickly. With every dismissal, people within the program will naturally have mixed feelings. There is always regret for the person leaving the program, especially when one is let go. However, there is also excitement for the person taking over, especially when the person is already within the organization. Such is the case with the promotion that Steve Patterson gets, as he now takes over as the Vice President of Athletics.

Some of the coaches in the Sun Devil athletic program have already commented on Patterson's new responsibilities and also about Love's departure.

Todd Graham - ASU Football Head Coach
"I am ultra excited about the future of Sun Devil football," says Head Coach Todd Graham. "Steve Patterson is a proven leader and his vision is in line with mine for this university and Sun Devil Athletics. Lisa Love is a great person and I enjoyed working with her. I wish her nothing but the best and I know she wants the same thing for Sun Devil athletics."

Louie Quintana - ASU Men's Cross Country Head Coach
"I'm really excited about what Steve Patterson brings to the program, especially with his professional sports experience. That sort of vision is what we need here at Arizona State. I'm excited to be a part of that and continue to compete at and win championships for this university. That being said, I enjoyed working with Lisa Love and wish her the very best in her future endeavors."

Clint Myers - Softball Head Coach
"In the short time I have known Steve Patterson he has displayed a very positive leadership skill that ASU will benefit from. He has shown to have a visualization and a path that will take us to even greater heights." -

Jason Watson - Volleyball Head Coach
"I'm eager to assist Steve in his plans for Sun Devil Athletics. His enthusiasm and commitment to excellence will have an extremely positive influence on our student-athletes."

Charli Turner Thorne - Women's Basketball Head Coach
"Our Sun Devil Nation can rest assured that Steve Patterson will absolutely bring us tranformative leadership to help our student-athletes and coaches have all they need to excel and make them proud. He has a tremendous competitive spirit that drive all around him to be their best. I appreciate so much how Lisa's passionate dedicated leadership continued to move our Department forward in ways that did not always show up on the scoreboard and through challenging financial times. I feel very blessed to have learned under Lisa."

Tim Esmay - Baseball Head Coach
"The way Steve Patterson has conducted himself since he arrived at Arizona State gives me great confidence going forward as Sun Devil Athletics continues to grow in positive ways. We have a rich tradition at Arizona State and I am convinced Steve will not only uphold that, but help usher in a new era of success."

Tim Mickelson - Men's Golf Head Coach
"Steve Patterson is a proven leader in athletics and he shares the same vision as so many others at this university, to be the best in the Pac-12 which translates to competing for national titles. I wish Lisa Love all the best in her future and thank her for giving me the opportunity to coach at a place that means so much to my family and I. I look forward to working with Steve as he has great vision for Arizona State."

Greg Kraft - Director of Track & Field/Cross Country
"Steve Patterson has a unique skill set with his work with the Reliant Stadium and the different entities he became accustomed to at the professional level. I think that skill set makes him the logical choice for us as we head down the road with collegiate athletics. With the ever-changing landscape of our department, our profession is changing daily and we need to be able to move forward with those changes. Change is inevitable and I think that this will be a positive change as we move forward and one that Steve is very capable of handling. I wish Lisa Love nothing but the best as we all move forward."

Naturally, they are not going to come out in public and ridicule the move. They all need him to do his job well. Additionally, he will be their boss. So there is reason to speak positively.

However, it does seem apparent that Patterson already has the respect of Sun Devil Athletics. That is a great start.

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