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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Arizona Cardinals Pick Riley Reiff

The Arizona Cardinals have one issue they need to fix--pass protection. The Cardinals had a solid run attack, but their pass protection was one of the worst in the league and need some serious upgrading. It seems like an offensive tackle is the best option for Arizona to ensure that edge rushers are negated as much as possible.

Ryan Van Bibber of SB Nation files this mock draft, and has the Cardinals picking offensive tackle RIley Reiff of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

The Cardinals re-signed Levi Brown, which means they still need help at offensive tackle. Drafting Reiff gives the Cardinals some flexibility at the tackle spot, with the ability to switch he and Brown from the right or the left side. It should upgrade the protection for Kevin Kolb.

Indeed, Reiff seems to be the next logical candidate at offensive tackle. Matt Kalil will be selected first, but there are no sure things behind him. Reiff seems to be a good player for the Cardinals to target.

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