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NFL Draft 2012: Nick Foles Reportedly 'Terrible' At Arizona Pro Day

There is a lot of uncertainty with the quarterback position once Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are off the board at the 2012 NFL Draft. With the Colts and Redskins likely to have these two selected at the very beginning of the first round, teams will have to look in the later rounds to find a QB to lead their franchise.

Arizona Wildcats senior quarterback Nick Foles had a fine career in Tucson and is now looking to take his talents to the NFL. While he has the size and strength to make it as a professional, his stock has taken a bit of stumble in recent weeks after the NFL Combine. In a bit of even more concerning news, we got this tweet that came after Arizona's pro day.

It is worth noting that multiple UA writers in attendance refuted these reports and said Foles threw well despite windy and rainy conditions. It even hailed momentarily at Arizona Stadium which undoubtably had an impact on the lanky quarterback.

Will Foles be able to step in from day one and lead an NFL team next season? No. Not a chance. But does he have a chance to become a very solid starter down the road for some team? You bet.

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