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NCAA Tournament 2012: Printable Sweet 16 Brackets Are Now Available

The NCAA Tournament got off to a wild start over the weekend and now just 16 teams remain in contention for a national championship. There are blue bloods in the way of Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina, bracket busters like NC State and Ohio trying to pull off a miracle, and many other teams all vying to become the best in the nation. With action set to kickoff on Thursday, you can bet all eyes will be on the hardwood.

With all of the early upsets, there is likely a strong chance your bracket is looking pretty bad right now. Fortunately, we have new brackets available for the Sweet 16 and beyond.

Click here for a brand new, fresh printable bracket and to follow the SB Nation StoryStream that covers the entire tournament.

SB Nation Arizona will have full coverage from the West Regional as teams battle for a Final Four bid from Phoenix. Among the teams coming to the southwest: Michigan State, Louisville, Marquette and Florida. It's going to be a wild week, folks.

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