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MLB Playoff Expansion: Schedule Issue Could Start Division Winners On The Road

According to our very own Amy Nelson, SB Nation has learned that due to the changes set for to the baseball playoff scenario, there may not be enough time to fix the current playoff schedule in place, possibly setting up the scenario that division winning teams may begin playoff series on the road.

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By adding another wild card team, a play-in game between the two wild cards will ne initiated, but because the 2012 regular season schedule was created earlier that the playoff expansion, built in travel days may have to be cut. If Major League Baseball can't find a solution, the current 2-2-1 format would be forced to 2-3, with division winners starting series away from their home ballparks.

According to source the 2-3 format has already been decided is the best course of action in they can not keep the 2-2-1 format. The change will only be in place for the 2012 postseason, because they'll have the time to fix the schedule in 2013.

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