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Spring Training 2012: Watching Baseball And Clocking The National Anthem?

Almost everyone enjoys a good spring baseball game. The weather is great, you might be sitting in the lawn with kids running around. Players are more accessible for autographs. The game is relaxing because there is not the urgency of winning. Sure, teams want to win, but they are playing baseball.

If you happen to use Twitter, you can also get some quirky entertainment, as two baseball writers here locally have made a sort of game out of something that we often overlook -- the national anthem.

Writers Nick Piecoro for the Arizona Republic and Steve Gilbert of have come up with a way to play with the monotony of listening to the national anthem each day. They time it and create a sort of competition.

They even have created charts and graphs and categories. The longest rendition has almost cracked two minutes, while the "winner" so far has been near a minute.

They have calculated that every season, ballplayers spend about four hours every season listening to the national anthem. They even noted that Omar Vizquel has spent approximately four days of his life just listening to it.

How can you get in on this "fun"? It's easy. Get on Twitter. Follow @stevegilbertmlb and/or @nickpiecoro.

Then enjoy! Or not.

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