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NCAA Tournament 2012: West Region Results From The Round Of 64

Friday's action in the 2012 NCAA Tournament was marked by exciting, close games and historic upsets as the Round of 64 drew to a close. As promised, the West Region has supplied plenty of drama and intrigue.

The West Region was one of two (yes, two) brackets that saw their No. 2 seed knocked out by the No. 15 seed...something that had only happened four times prior to Friday's upset double-header. In the West, Norfolk St. upended the Missouri Tigers to knock out one of the heaviest hitters in the region. No. 1 Michigan State managed to hang in there, but the No. 9 Saint Louis Billikens eliminating the No. 8 Memphis Tigers was also something of a surprise.

If there's anything this year's tournament has shown us, it's that the field is wide open. The full final scores from the West Region are below.

West Region:

No. 1 Michigan State def No. 16 Long Island 89-67
No. 9 Saint Louis def No. 8 Memphis 61-54
No. 5 New Mexico def No. 12 Long Beach State 75-68
No. 4 Louisville def No. 13 Davidson 69-62
No. 6 Murray State def No. 11 Colorado State 58-41

No. 3 Marquette def No. 14 BYU 88-68
No. 7 Florida def No. 10 Virginia 71-45
No. 15 Norfolk State vs No. 2 Missouri 86-84

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