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Blake Griffin Gets Posterized By Markieff Morris [Video]

Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers has made a living by embarrassing players throughout the league with his athletic and fierce dunks. In fact, the one thing we all know that Griffin can do is dunk.

However, it happens that every once in a while that the tables are turned.

Thursday night, during the 91-87 loss to the Phoenix Suns (who were playing without Steve Nash or Grant Hill), the tables were turned.

Sebastian Telfair drove to the basket, and Griffin came from the left to help on defense. However, Telfair saw it and Markieff Morris was cutting to the basket. He got the ball, elevated over Griffin and slammed it home.

Blake Griffin has been the featured player in a lot of posters in his short career in the league. For one night, he will show up on posters on the receiving end. Here is the video of the dunk.