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Phoenix Suns Player Thermometer, Week 11: Jared Dudley Threatening To Take The Top Spot

The last week was a successful one for the Phoenix Suns. They won a few games and looked pretty good doing it. As we do each week, we do a sort of power rankings for the players on the Suns roster. They are listed from hottest to nottest. Oh, and their previous ranking is in parentheses.

1. Marcin Gortat (1): Gortat has been his normally spectacular self. He was a single rebound short of three double-doubles for the week. He averaged just under 20 points for the week and just over 10 boards. (Jess Root)

2. Steve Nash (2): Nash posted three double-doubles this week and averaged 13 assists last week. Nash did not have his best scoring week of his career, only averaging 11.3 points per game last week. However, Nash continues to constantly get his teammates involved and players like Marcin Gortat and Jared Dudley are taking advantage of it. (Ryan Bafaloukos)

3. Jared Dudley (3): Dudley is starting to emerge as a near double-double threat, believe it or not. This past week, he averaged 18.0 points and 8.3 rebounds per contest. His three-point shooting has been a little off (4-of-15), but he's making up for that production elsewhere. (Nikil Selvam)

4. Grant Hill (4): Grant's gotten into a steady groove in the second half of the season. He averaged 13 points and five rebounds in this week's games, but more important was his stellar defense against Rudy Gay (causing him to go 7-for-20), helping the Suns to their surprising win over Memphis. (Justin Burning)

5. Channing Frye (5): Aside from the game against Dallas, Channing was effective. 13 points, eight boards against the Thunder and 10 points and six rebounds against Memphis. As his shooting has been inconsistent, it has been nice to see him playing more like a big man. He attempted only seven threes this week. (JR)

6. Robin Lopez (7): Lopez was suprisingly effective in his minutes against the Grizzlies, with 11 points, seven rebounds, and three blocks in 17 minutes. It was the most productive Robin's been since the first game of the season. (JB)

7. Shannon Brown (6): Brown was average last week as he only averaged nine points. Brown shot 43% from the field, however he was only 1-5 from 3-point and only could muster 11 rebounds in three games last week. (RB)

8. Michael Redd (10): Redd played a total of 18 minutes last week, and he struggled by going 0-of-5 from three-point land. Still, his presence continues to bolster the Phoenix reserves while providing the Suns with a legitimate shooter off of the bench. (NS)

9. Sebastian Telfair (9): Bassy does what a backup point guard should do -- not screw things up. After going scoreless against OKC, he added five points in each of the following two games. Nothing special, but didn't mess things up. (JR)

10. Hakim Warrick (11): After not seeing playing time against OKC, Warrick averaged seven points in two games played this week. Warrick averaged 16 minutes in the two games he did play in and even though he was 1-9 from the field this week, he was 10-14 from the free throw line. (RB)

11. Markieff Morris (8): Markieff put up lackluster numbers in another down week. The only highlight was his three-block performance in just 13 minutes of action against the Thunder on Wednesday. (NS)

12. Ronnie Price (12): Mr. Price managed some solid DNP-CDs this week.(JB)

13. Josh Childress (13): Not sure why, but Chilly obviously has not been on Alvin Gentry's good side. He pulled in three DNP-CD, but his hair is cool. (JR)