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March Madness And Filling Out Brackets -- True Madness

The NCAA Tournament Selection Committee has made its choices. We all know who made it to the Dance and who got left home. More importantly, everyone in America is now religiously filling out one or multiple brackets to try and show their prowess and predicting the tournament results.

But why?

It is crazy. People try all sorts of methods. They look at matchups like some sort of science. They look at the 5/12 matchup. Some just do favorites. Others look at mascots or uniforms, or simply the favorites.

We at SB Nation have a printable bracket just for you. We know you want it.

But the truth is, it is madness. Honestly, experts who follow college basketball for their livelihood can't predict accurately what will happen.

It really pretty much luck. This is how people who watch near nothing in college basketball win bracket pools.

This is what drives us mad. We are obsessed with something that we cannot control or even reasonably predict without just guessing.

I, too, will join in on the locura (craziness). i will fill out at least one bracket to pit my wits against others. Do I know anything about college basketball? Just that ASU wasn't any good and that Arizona was wildly inconsistent. Outside of that, it will be a method of guessing.

So, please temper yourself in your bracket fun. It is maddening.

After all, they do call it March Madness for a reason.

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